Server Crashes

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by TitanGod_, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. Hi, my server seems to have crashed. I'm can't really determine the problem as I don't understand the thread dump very well.
    The server has a i5-2310 CPU (2.90GHz, 4 core) and 8GB of Ram with 7GB dedicated to the server. If there is anything else needed to help diagnose the problem please let me know. I've attached the latest.log below. Thank you.

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  2. Did you just get this server?
  3. No I’ve been developing it for past few months. I actually just a few days ago I increased the ram by 2 GBs.
  4. The server's main thread (Server thread) seems to be waiting on a world chunk of some sort.
    Maybe it's taking either too long to load or the chunk is unable to load due to corruption.
  5. Thanks for the info. So is there anything I can do you fix this or prevent it in the future?
  6. Your timings report could help in diagnosing why a chunk in your world is having an issue.
    Though you should try to go around where you last were before this error came up.
    So run your timings, fly around your location where you last were before this error, then paste it (atleast 5 minutes of timings) then give the link before /timings off.
  7. I wasn't on at the time so I'm not sure which chunk it was, but I did the timings while in the world I think most likely caused it.
  8. I would one suggest getting more ram and try to not load as many chunks at a time
  9. Well the server already has 8GB and I just recently added 2. I'm not sure how so many chunks were being loaded. There was only one person on at the time.
  10. A member has alerted me that it may be caused by the plugin RandomTeleport.
  11. Would pregeneration of the worlds help with this?