Server Crashing help (PLZ)

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    coloredtags remove it
    You have two versions of worldguard, remove the old one.
    You are missing a dependency SKQuery, install it.
    remove endlessenchant
    WGCustomflags & WGDamageflags, fix the worldguard issue, and modify the config.
    Essentials plugins dont match essentials version.
    Remove Prison
    Update essentials

    Word of advice, don't throw a bunch of plugins in and expect things to work. Install one plugin at a time and adjust the configs as needed. Once you get that plugin setup, add another.
  2. is endeless enchant a big issue? cuz i really need that plugin
    +im also using essentials x 2.0.1 the same version for every plugin
    ++ I had remove most of these plugin myself after looking thru logs and server is working percectly right now. Endless enchant seems to be working fine but tanks for all the help :)
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    It's giving errors at the moment. Just add your plugins one at a time, modify the config. It may work if you take your time to set everything up correctly