Server crashing intermittently

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  1. I have a server that is running 1.15.2

    It seems to keep crashing at night or at times when no one is playing.

    I have attached the logs from the server crash to this post.

    I really appreciate any help you can give...

    Thank you!

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    Your server is overloading. How much RAM is allocated?
  3. My XMS is 8024 and XMX is 8024. Should I increase them?
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    No, actually. That is a lot.
  5. Have you tried running a timings report? Also, what are your server specifications?
  6. I was not aware of it but I ran it for about 5min:

    Not sure how to understand it, but it does not look good.
  7. It looks like you have a bunch of entities ticking each tick which eats server resources
  8. It's always best practice to run a timings report for an hour minimum. From the report you've provided it would seem entities are utilising a lot of the server resources. Have you checked out this thread? If you know already, what are your server specifications? After the update 1.12.2, minecraft became a lot harder on servers, which will require you to be using slightly more powerful equipment.
  9. How do I determine what these entities are? Is there a way to determine so I can stop them?

    I have run another report for over an hour. You can find it here:

    I have not seen that thread before... I will begin looking at and implementing some of those. Is there a way to determine which entities are causing these?

    My Minecraft server is actually running in a dockerized container on my personal server. The server has an older Intel Xeon processor (8 core - 16 thread @ 2Ghz) and 32 Gb of RAM. I am also concerned that the docker environment may not be giving Minecraft access to the full resources. I will look more into it. Does spigot allow for multi-core performance benefits?

    I really appreciate all of your help!

    Update: I started the world border part and set a border. When I ran /wb fill, I get the error:
    Any idea how to resolve that?
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  10. Considering your CPU clock speeds are so low I would definitely recommend using the thread I posted previously, possibly even adjust the settings a little to be slightly more strict (Keep tweaking until you find a smooth operation). Again, as mentioned before after update 1.12.2 minecraft started to demand slightly more powerful hardware. Minecraft servers do not run multi-threaded, the server runs mainly on 1 core and does have the ability to use other cores ever so slightly for things such as networking.

    Are you running Windows on the server or Linux?

    Are you using any plugins which could reduce the amount of entities? E.g. Does your server have lots of mob farms for example? I would recommend plugins such as FarmLimiter or SAML. If you have lots of items on the ground consider making useless items despawn faster.

    Have you renamed the region file or world recent?
  11. Okay, I started implementing the changes as discussed. Already seeing some improvements. The server is Linux based. I do not have any plugins to limit any entities yet, but will look into it.

    I also noticed that the post mentioned Paper.yml. I was not sure what it was and looked into it. I found that it is a version of Spigot that has additional optimizations on top of Spigot. Should I go for that as well? From my research, it seems to be pretty good.

  12. It's good to hear you're receiving some good results! Okay you're already operating Linux which is the best operating os to use for server hosting. As for the limiting entities plugin, I'm positive that the thread I provided you has 3 good plugins recommend, that I personally use and would recommend too. These being the Village Optimiser, LimitPillager and EntityTrackerFixer.

    Paper is a fork of Spigot, correct. It basically allows you to tweak additional settings. However, be warned some of these settings change gameplay (the thread explains this pretty well). I would recommend for you to try it out, yes. Paper constantly updates so it's worth keeping an eye out on their website.

    Once you have implemented all of these, run another timings report, again for an hour minimum. Also, see if general gameplay is smoother and you're not resulting in as many crashes anymore.
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