Server crashing when certain ,,person" join

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  1. When a certain person joins the server just ,,hungs up". I don't know what he is doing but he connects to the server for the first time on some random account and it crashes server.
    Only he is doing this by simply joining the server.
    Log is in attachment. (First part is after i banned him, and second before he was banned)
    Is there something I can do to prevent this?
    His nick is MajtexPL and he joined on other nicknames and IP's.

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  2. Try going to the world folder > playerdata and deleting that player's file.
  3. Code (Text):

    [11:42:55] [Server thread/INFO]: [SEVERE][NoCheatPlus] Fri Aug 10 11:42:55 CEST 2018
    [11:42:55] [Server thread/INFO]: org.bukkit.configuration.InvalidConfigurationException: while parsing a block mapping
     in 'string', line 51, column 7:
              active: true
    expected <block end>, but found BlockSequenceStart
     in 'string', line 55, column 8:
               - '?'

    It helps to make sure your plugins are all working and properly configured.

    You are running in 1.8.8 in offline mode. It's probably someone on a hack client trying to hack/crash the server and sending too many packets or whatever they do to try and exploit all those known issues for 1.8.8
  4. Thanks for your support, he was using hacked client to crash the server, added another plugin to protect from that and it works just fine.
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