Server crashing with jigsaw client

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  1. Hello, i have debian 9.12 and latest protocollib and latest java (openjdk 1.8.0_242 64bit)
    i have trouble with anticrash plugins, i have tried ExploitFixer, CustomPayloadfixer and AntiJigsaw.

    on my windows sistem these plugins working perfect but on my dedicated server not working and server crashing

    i tested older versions for java 8 and protocollib plugin, but not working

    anticrash plugin error log:
  2. i tried, on my windows system works perfectly, but on my dedicated server not works
  3. Sorry, I didn't read AntiJigsaw, but try with this one, I recommend it: ExploitFixer
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  4. Do you not know how to read? The OP already said they used ExploitFixer..
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  5. Hello there may be some conflict between plugins
    have you used all three plugins at the same time?
    I recommend you to use only one plugin and I would recommend you to always keep it updated since new exploits always appear
    I also recommend you download the following


    Flamecord This bungeecord patches exploits also supports 1.7 - 1.15

    after having this already installed I also recommend that you download the jigsaw client and do attack tests on your server
    if you have problems again, leave logs and as much information as possible is very strange that 2ls exploitifxer did not block that client, is it hard for me to believe what version jigsaw client you are testing?
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  6. When poor kids from spigot cant afford a 175$ anticheat, 300$ spigot and a 50$ anticrasher LOL
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  7. What are you talking about ? no matter the money a server may have, the anticheat or plugins any server is vulnerable and can be knocked down
  8. Hello, i know it's from java version because i tried on my pc with java 8 update 45 hostpot, and exploitfixer works perfectly

    But on my linux server, same plugins as windows it doesn't working, i don't know what's the problem
  9. If you don't want to help, don't comment.

    OP, using FlameCord instead of bungee, PaperSpigot instead of Spigot and ExploitFixer should fix crashes.
    There's also a question of type of crash, your server can crash with ddos attacks too.
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  10. He edited it, because when I said that the OP only said that he tried with CustomPayloadFixer and AntiJigsaw.

    The Jigsaw client cannot be downloaded anymore.
  11. I don't think the post was ever edited though..? Otherwise it would've said "last edited"
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