Server crashing with no one in it

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by TheCraftNZ, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. So I installed spigot and as soon as it start and reports it can’t keep up with the tick rate and crashes. When I try to let it use more ram it just says it can’t do it eg 16gb says it can’t. Only on the normal 1gb does it even start. Server is dual x5650 with 64gb ram running Windows 10 pro and nothing but ssd drives
  2. That sounds like a Java issue. Are you using the right version of java for your server? If so, its likely that your startup parameters are messed up.
  3. Windows 10 isn't optimized for running a minecraft.
    Also, if you cannot allocate more than 1Gb to your java server, it's generally just because you have the wrong java version installed. Check if you have the x64bits version installed and uninstalle the x86bits. More informations on the problem would also help (logs, start script code, etc.)
  4. Don't run Windows 10 for Minecraft. Seriously not a good idea.
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  5. Strahan


    Someone have a citation for the "doesn't work in Win10" thing? I've been running MC servers under Win10-x64 Pro for years with not a single problem.
  6. ahhh prefect. solved my issue. Turns out it just auto done x86 and not x64.
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