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Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by ArthurGUI, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Crash:
    This is an exploit or what is this?

    Please help me, i am waiting a week for this solution (I am don't found a solution)
  2. Hey,

    So this is what I found, if you have NCP try the fix of 'MyPictures'. Also, maybe update your server to a newer version instead of using 1.7.x.
  3. iam not using NCP...what is MyPictures function?
  4. I'm sorry but this isn't your thread... And I didn't mention a "MyPictures Function", but a fix from a guy/girl named 'MyPictures'.
  5. I'm using NCP, I already tried to remove this plugin and tested, after one day the same happened. today too:

    About MyPictures I do not know anything about this ...

    I have 6 servers in version 1.7.10 and this is the only one that happens. The jars are all the same.

    This problem has been tormenting me for about 2 weeks
  6. Hey,

    Is it possible for you to update to atleast 1.8.8? I'm almost certain it would fix your problem.

    (If you update please also update all of your plugins)
  7. I think if I update the version, I will lose players because most like only 1.7 and the minority like 1.8, which I am not understanding is why only this server is crashing because of this problem and meanwhile the others do not . I have a 1.8.8 server (Skywars not from the crash) however I also have several other 1.7.10 protocolhack and also do not give crash.
  8. anyone who knows?
  9. Your pastebin expired.

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