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Crash Server Crashing!

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Practice-PvP, May 17, 2015.

  1. Hello. I recently made some changes on my server and for some reason now it keeps hanging when we reach over 100 players or so. I have tried unloading many plugins, nothing seems to fix it. Sometimes the server stays up for 10 hours without crashing. Other moments it crashes after an hour.

    Console Logs: http://pastebin.com/FxAe4Jq5
    Plugin list:
    Spigot Version:
    Playercount: 50-150
    Server: Practice (kitpvp)
    Mob spawning disabled
    Everything is in 1 world
    Timings: http://timings.aikar.co/?url=11194216
    Ram: 16GB

    Thanks! Practice-PvP.
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  2. I'm blind sorry bout that
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  3. The server hung so there's no crash report
  4. According to your crash report, I'm quite sure its ProtocolLib. Try disabling ProtocolLib for a while and see if it crashes.
  5. What where those changes you made and what's the server specs? Also 10$ for fixing that? Probably not even worth money.
  6. Look, our server has about 600+ plus players in the weekends. Money isnt the problem, just need this solved :)

    Trying that right now, Thanks!
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  7. Might be an idea to run timings on the server?
  8. @Practice-PvP how much RAM does your server have? for more than 100 players with all of those plugins I think you should really have at least 8GB ram or higher.
  9. 16 GB on a dedi box

    Timings Dont show any issues. http://timings.aikar.co/?url=11194216 (rRanks high pct tick is due to auto saving)
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  10. its really hard, to clarify something with that crash report, can you post another different?, maybe is a command killing your server, also, do you use command-blocks?
  11. I can't really help you without having access to console and checking variables one by one and watching console at the same time. but I have some generic suggestions might help.
    On my server when there is an error, I will not just disable plugins one by one to see which one is the problem. because sometimes crash happens because of overload and sometimes not. it really depends. so I watch the console and also check configs of suspicious plugins such as echopet. and I try to manipulate the error to see if it happens again. (I know its not a scientific and right way of fixing but 90% of times this worked better than checking crash-reports and check timings etc...)

    • Keep Spigot updated at all times
    • Keep all of your plugins updated (compatible to the spigot build that you use.) specially for LibDisguise and Echopet . I had a lot of trouble with those plugins crashing players and server in 1.8.3 version.
    • Make sure the server auto-save the world so it will lower the usage
    • Avoid using flat file storages (if you have more than 100 active players) and move most of plugin data storages that uses most connection into SQL. (such as PEX, Dynmap, CoreProtect, Essentials, GAListener). so it moves the traffic into MySQL instead of flat file. much efficient
    • Dont install any plugin that you find on the internet or friends give you before testing it and making sure its compatible and works.
  12. I do not use command blocks

    Ty very much for your feedback! I will definatly try that!

    These are the most recently added plugins:
    knockbackfixer (spigot plugin)
    tagspawnprotection (spigot plugin)
    iplog (spigot plugin)
    norain (spigot plugin)
    rjoin (custom plugin:runs a command when a player enters spawn)
    combatlog (spigot plugin)
    rranks (custom plugin to move player to a group when a surten amount of kills is reached.)
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  13. You might have a chunk error in one of your worlds. To find out, try creating a server on your computer and move every thing except for the world into your server on your computer. To create a server, I suggest watching one of minituffs tutorials
  14. We have scanned the world with many programs (mcedit, chunkster, ...) without any succes :(
  15. Disable Human Pets/Disguise. thats what I can assume could be the cause probably.
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  16. He's just trying to help out! Be nice ;)

    We dont have human disguise or pets.. :(

    Disabled it, ill let u know. Weve never had issues with it before doh
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  17. update spigot & ProtocolLib
  18. Removed protocolib and updated spigot. Still not fixed