Server Crashing

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  1. I have having an issue with my server all the sudden. Here is the error config
    The only thing i have done to maybe make these error was install plugins but i have deleted them and still have the error. My server was running fine about around 19.50tps all the time and now its now working
    I Cant be a Memory error because i was running 5gb and upgraded to 8gb because at first i thougt this was the problem

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  2. Where are you hosting your server? Computer/Online host
  3. Tux


    Looks like you're using a host that absolutely oversells their capacity. Find a better host.
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  4. Gosh, make sure to buy a premium server from a host. I really don't know why people are going with budget hosts like them :3. I recommend getting a premium server however, or if they are out of your price range find a good budget host.

    Virtual Gladiators provides both to meet both markets. Check them out I've got months of experience with them. Haven't let me down before.