Server DDOS attack on port 25565

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by SexyMime, May 5, 2013.

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  1. Hello, my server has been under a 5 hours DDOS attack of 70MB/S.
    I cant seem to stop the attack, everything I do just does not WORK!
    I can verify that whenever the port 25565 opens the server goes back down.
    Please help
  2. CustomForms

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    Who is your host? 70Mbps isn't that much :/
  3. I am using OVH hosting.
    They said...if it gets larger, my servers getting taken down.
    So you have no idea how much stress I am in now.
    Please provide me with any help!
  4. Image of attack:
  5. Sway

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    Get a Gigabit line. There is nothing you can do without a proper mitigation setup, and that's lots more money than a 1Gbit line.
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  6. Thank you....will look into it...:(
  7. What kind of DDoS is 70mbps... A normal $5 booter should go for 500mbps+
  8. Sway

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    truboot hit my old server.(100mbit) membership on that piece of crap was $20 for 70mbit so....
  9. Any fix a small attack
  10. Any suggestions to help my small attack would be appreciated!

  11. Get a gigabit line like said before, OVHs policies are shit. I would seriously consider going to a different host, or get the 200$ deal with Staminus.
  12. Any recommended host with around 8 gigs of ram with a 1 gig connection? ( hosting bungee )
  13. Dedi server or a vps?
  14. SecuredServers, never been with them but their support seems to be amazing. They might actually mitigate attacks for you as well.
  15. I agree with the gigabit line however not everyone can afford the $200 Staminus deal :p
  16. Gigabit line should be default for all servers.
  17. Dedi.
  18. Looking for a dedicated server with around 4-8 gigs of ram and a gig connection...budget for this host is 60-100$
  19. jtaylor69

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    Get the Hybrid SSD and 2TB HDD server with E5 CPU and 64GB of RAM from OVH.
    It has a gigabit connection and would be ideal for yourself as you can use the SSDs for Minecraft and the 2TB of space for daily backups.
    The extra RAM and CPU power will allow you to either open up more servers/improve existing ones.
  20. joehot200


    SexyMime it is only 70Mb/s... I have been DDoSd with up to 400Mb/sec.. It does not mean i have to move hosts.
    If it really is a big problem - as everyone else does, get a gigabit line - If that dosent work, you could always put a bungee on staminus. (that would be like $50 for 1.5GB and DDoS protection?)
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