Server Development Time Compared to Success Rate

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  1. What is longest amount of time you've taken to develop a sever before release and how did it effect the success of the server?
    Does starting a community early and keeping them updated through the process have a big impact on popularity?
    In your experience what is considered to fast for release?
    When you think of every successful server, what is the most important attribute it has aside from its actual gameplay?
  2. Development time depends a lot on what type of gamemodes you offer on your server. If you offer generic factions, creative etc. It doesn't matter how much time you take to develop your server, it will fail!

    Jokes aside, you have to remember this: no matter how bad your server is, how generic and non original, if you are persistent and keep the server up, keep bumping it, keep talking about it, players will always come. What changes is the amount of players that come.

    I've been close friends with a server owner who started his server home hosted, crappy everything, and kept it up and updating everything as he goes. He started with 15 players maximum and now he gets 450+. The thing is, it was done extremely slowly over 4 years.

    So, for your question, development time is indeed proportional to server success, in most cases.
    This is logical, if you spend more time developing your server, the more it will look nice and the more the chance a player that joins will stay. Because if your server doesn't look good at all, a player will join, disconnect and forget about your network, he will never come back.

    Too fast of a release is simply when you haven't had the time to fix all the problems, bugs, glitches your server has. You'll end up with players sometimes destroying what you created and people giving you a long list of things that need to be fixed.

    The most important attribute aside from gameplay (also disregarding gamemode and lag issues) is the way it looks; design, builds, graphics etc. If a server looks professional, players tend to stay more.

    I'm currently working on my network, this is the 4th time I make one. It's been in development since november 2016 and we're planning to release near June. You can see how much time it can take to develop something truly amazing. But we have a lot of custom gamemodes and features that take time to put out so it also varies a lot on those types of things.

    Hope I could help in some way! I'm sure there will be other nice answers below :)
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    The more effort you put the better your server will be. Whether it's with development, graphics, website, etc. It all matters because that's what will make the difference between those who logon and log off a couple of seconds later and those who actually stay.

    If you really want your server to succeed – especially with the bo in servers today – then I suggest to take as much time as you need to make sure you are releasing the best and most stable version of your server on day one. If you don't then you'll run into the issues @FireFlies mentioned. And it sucks. Better to deal with a few bugs in the first couple days than a near broken server.

    More time = better product
    Less time = worse product