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  1. So I need some help on my faction server, for some reason my server is dying. Idk why, but for one week ago I had a active playerbase of 15 people. But it has dropped insanly much. Idk why could someone give me some help to make my server better? Or maybe make it more fun?
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    Because it's another generic factions server we don't need.
  3. You know you shitposting isn't going to help...
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  4. The reason it is dropping because there is nothing original, if your server has something no other server has, you will have WAY more players. Like @empshock said, it is just another generic factions server. A way to make it better, is do something amazing, ask your players why they left and what you could improve/add on to your server. Because obviously, something is making them leave.
  5. I've tried to add so many plugins, customenchants, quests I just dont know what to make this more "special".
  6. Are any of the plugins custom?
  7. No, I've tried to get a custom crates/key system similar to timeslesspvp. But 150 usd for a plugin that will give crates... No sorry. And I suck at ideas for plugins!
  8. No wonder, someone literally could replicate your server, ask the players why they left or why they don't play anymore. Maybe they will have some ideas.

    TimelessPvP no longer exists
  9. I know but I cant ask why players dont play anymore if they are on... Do you maybe got some ideas for custom plugins?
  10. Well, maybe a factions - prison merge idk, magic spells whatever. Maybe something other than factions
  11. hmm I might make that the prison idea. But idk how yet, I'll have to think about that!
  12. Instead of plots in prison, use factions instead to add a little twist
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    That's the equivalent of "Prison Gangs"
  14. Ok I might actually do that
  15. Maybe idk, Ill have to make it like it still feels like faction.
  16. Or do something else besides factions. TBH, there are lots of factions servers.
  17. Around 2 weeks it started with 30 people after one week 15 people now 5
  18. Yes but here is the thing. The server I bought has been factions for over 4 years. I bought the domain and created the server again.
  19. If you dont have any: add some ranks. Get people excited for new exclusive things. Install a plugin called Ultra Cosmetics. Hook up the permission file to ranks and link everything to BuyCraft
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  20. Lol I already have donator ranks..