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  1. Hi, i`ve got a problem, when my server is online for some hours (2 or 3) the ram starts increasing and increasing, to the point that all players are kicked and the server TPS crash, im currently using aroung 85 plugins. I have got 12 Gb of RAM. Anyone knows whats happening? ab0cebe70fa2a6e5ee4e237c1531b213.png
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    Maybe start by posting logs of the crash
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  3. There are no errors in console, the server just kicks people but it does not restart, people are kicked because of the lag spike that occurs when ram reaches the limit
  4. 85 Plugins seems like a lot. Have they fixed Plugman? I was always told that is horrible about Memory leaks....
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    So post logs around the time people are kicked
  6. Its a factions server, i need most of the plugins
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  7. this is what happens when ram reaches the limit 32298bdf06bf1a12e9e58fd1efdc71ad.png
  8. I think the next question someone would ask is what are your server specs, VPS, Dedi?
    The only solution to finding the leak is to remove each plugin 1 by 1 till its found afaik.
  9. Im hosting it in AnvilNode, its not an VPS
  10. Post some timings
  11. I still don't see how timings will show you RAM leaks but lets wait on the one who told you to post it.
  12. x2 cpu ussage its not ram
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  13. Huh? So Edit your post then.....
  14. Pretty sure some of those plugins might not work well together or some might be leaked. If you are using leaked plugins keep in mind they might cause your server to lag or give it severe errors.

    Here it is, there are almost 3 lag spikes where the server kicks to almost all people
  16. Not really sure why it does that :$
  17. here is your answer.
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  18. Post your timings while the server has lag spikes. In the old one the tps was 20.

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