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  1. lag spike only occur while the ram reaches the limit, it kicks everyone and the server continues on, its not permanent lag, its a memmory usage increase in time
    1. Get rid of plugman unless you absolutely need it then restart.
    2. Looks like your lag problems are CPU-related
  2. i dont think they are CPU related, i think its something i didnt optimize well, this problem happened me on two different hosts with great CPUs
  3. And calling the ClearLagg garbage collector aparently fix it temporaly
  4. This is definitely a memory leak issue. One or more of your plugins have a memory leak. Most likely plugman, as others have pointed out.

    On the topic of actually helping you though, use aikar's flags for paper. is the url I believe. Uninstall plugman and clearlag, then install lagmonitor by @games647. I’m not sure it’s in his spigot resources, so look at his github. Use this to monitor ram, and lots of other useful things. If this doesn’t fix the issue, remove plugins in groups of 2 - 5 at a time and wait for the issue to happen again. If the issue doesn’t happen again, or takes longer than previous to happen, reinstall the latest removed plugins, and remove them 1 by one till you find the culprit. Remove that plugin permanently, don’t reinstall it. There is most likely multiple issue causing plugins though, so you’ll have to do this multiple times.
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  5. thanks for the answer, i will try and tell you about so other people dont install that plugin!
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  6. I also forgot to say, reduce your ram, 12gb is too much for minecraft. Try 4gb - 6gb, 8gb max.
  7. I cant allocate ram by myselft, it must be done by the host
  8. and i need this ammount because its growing and has a large amount of plugins
  9. It’ll have less plugins once you delete the ones with memory leaks, and get the ram when you actually need it, not because you think you’ll need it.
  10. I know this doesn't directly answer your question but typically you would hire a dev that can consolidate many of these separate plugins into a core for your required game mode and provide stacks of custom plugins for that game mode. Its worth the investment and allows you to continue to expand your network.
  11. Honestly, use plugins that will be needed. If that does not work you might want to work that out with your hosting service.
  12. Thanks, im currently developing a core for my server its a good idea :D
  13. I reduced the memmory leaks by editing the code of some of my plugins, the plugins causing issues were AutoSell and Quests, plugins from @fatpigsarefat

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