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  1. Hello, Is there any way to check which plugin is using too much RAM because server is using like 9GB of RAM out of 14GB and I have like 5-9 players online I even have decreased mob spawn rate and 14 hopper per chunk limit. I'm really worried about it. Any help would be appriciated. :)

    Here's the Plugins list:
    Effects, PlugMan, Announcer, PingPlayer, Arconix, DeluxeTags, KitsCreator, AsyncWorldEditInjector, Itemizer, Chairs, IronElevators, TrollGUI, Multiverse-Core, MVdWPlaceholderAPI, VotingPlugin, Vouchers, PermissionsEx, AntiCropTrample, mcMMO, MobHeads, ProtocolSupport, MiniPets, PluginConstructorAPI, BigBuckets, PlaceholderAPI, GroupManager, AntiWorldFly, NoPluginShow, MakeYourOwnCommands, ChatReaction, SkinsRestorer, EditableSign, DailyLootbox, ItemRecycler, EpicWorldGenerator, HopLimit, InvRestore, Coupons, LightAPI, CoreProtect, LagAssist, Wild, TimTheEnchanter, ClearLag, NoSpawnerChange, BuycraftX, Votifier, NightVision, AsyncWorldEdit, iDisguise, CS-CoreLib, Vault, Marriage, ChestCommands, ViaVersion, ViaBackwards, ShopGUIPlus, XrayInformer, BookMenu, ProtocolLib, Citizens, SuperbVote, Lottery, GhostBlockKiller, RecipeManager, Mcmmorankup, PotionsBook, GambleBar, AuctionHouse, WorldEdit, Essentials, HackedServer, PermissionTimer, McMMOExtras, AdvancedAchievements, DeluxeMenus, SuperVanish, ViaRewind, Item2Chat, HolographicDisplays, EssentialsGeoIP, ServerSigns, StaffList, MonthlyCrates, QuickSell, ScoreboardStats, CrateReloaded, EssentialsChat, WorldGuard, EssentialsSpawn, GriefPrevention, StackMob, Jobs, ChestShop, ProtectionLib, EpicHoppers, EpicCraftingsPlus, FurnitureLib, DiceFurniture, PluginLibrary, Statz
  2. put it on a diet
    fr tho if u have 14gb of ram and you only use 9 your fine thats why you have 14gb,
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    Have you tried isolating the plugins? To be fair, you are using 101 of them...
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  4. nope I haven't tried isolating them.
  5. Are you using a server host or are you hosting it on your own computer? If you are hosting it on your own computer you can use a profiler. (Got the info from here
  6. It seems to me that you have assigned way too much RAM. Wouldn't the server always use at least the -Xms value? More won't make your server faster. I'd try decreasing it to something sane, and look if it adjusts.
  7. I would also take a look at those plugins, because more plugins take up more RAM. Get rid of the ones that you don't really need, because I saw "GroupManager" and "PermissionsEX". You only need one of them. That's my two-cents on it.
  8. Sure I'll tell my host to decrease it
  9. ty for your opinion :p
  10. No problem! If you have any questions about anything, let me know. I am here to help.
  11. If it doesn't lag, then I'd just leave it as it is. A small server like this one shouldn't need more than 2-3 GB, but if you assign more, it'll of course use what it gets - and cause GC lag spikes, in case that your CPU can't keep up. If you're paying per GB of RAM, better do some tests before buying more than you need.
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  12. Well that caused snot to launch onto my keyboard... But thankfully that's easier to clean up than the Mountain Dew I'd have lost if I'd clicked 30 seconds earlier.

    Isn't PEX no longer being developed? Probably best to consider replacing that if you're planning to upgrade to 1.13 (though it may still work fine - who knows).
  13. @Supertin Really? I have used PEX for the longest time, I never knew that for 1.13. I will look into it ASAP, thank you! :D
  14. Go for luckyperms works
  15. You should start by cleaning up some stuff. Here's my advice to get rid or change the following plugins:
    • Get rid of PlugMan (you don't need it and you don't want it. If you want to modify plugins, restart your server. Manging plugins like this is what causes memory issues)
    • Why do you need a troll plugin (TrollGUI)?
    • You have ProtocolSupport and ViaVersion. I'm pretty sure you only need one, no? Delete one of them.
    • What is "PluginConstructorAPI" even? Doesn't sound like something you need.
    • BigBuckets? Do you need that?
    • LightAPI? Do you need that?
    • LagAssist is probably another "anti" lag plugin that does more harm than good. ClearLagg is fine if used correctly so it doesn't bother people.
    • What is "NightVision" even? What's wrong with just a simple potion effect?
    • You have 3 shop plugin... ChestShop, ShopGUIPlus and QuickSell. I doubt you need all of them.
    • You even have 3 crate plugins... MonthlyCrates, CrateReloaded and DailyLootBox. You really don't need all of them.
    • Hell, you even have 3 anti grief plugins (ProtectionLib, CoreProtect and GriefPrevention. Come on.
    • I heard StackMob have some terrible performance issues.
    • PluginLibrary? Another random API plugin?
    • You have ChestCommands and DeluxeMenus...

    Overall your plugin list is a complete mess and you can get rid of probably 20 plugins easily. You have so many plugins installed that all literally do the same thing... ChestCommands + DeluxeMenus, 3 anti grief plugins, 2 protocol hack plugins (excluding their extensions), 3 shop plugins, random plugins you'll never need such as troll plugins, completely random API plugins you'll probably don't need, 3 crate/lootbox plugins... Seriously, clean it up, no wonder you have lag issues.

    I'm pretty sure there is also such thing as giving a server too much RAM. I have a statistics plugin which shows RAM usage. Last time I checked, the more RAM I gave the server, the more it uses. I wouldn't recommend going above 10 GB as an absolute max.
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    pluginconstructorapi is apparently required for some other plugin OP has and i assume PluginLibrary is also required
  17. T
    Thank you... you helped me alot and btw This is first time I own a server lol.. I dont have much excperience as a server owner :p
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