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  1. Anyone have ideas or tips on how to make a good or almost perfect server economy?
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  2. A strong economy is something that I've always wanted to see on a server, and oftentimes the "economy servers" you find out there are just mega /sell hand servers. Here's what I really think a good economy server would focus on:
    • Preventing and controlling inflation and new currency being added into the economy.
      • There are many possible ways to remove currency from an economy and this is vital to prevent run away inflation.
    • A player-driven market, not a server shop.
      • There should be a way for players to directly interact with each other to sell items at a price not determined arbitrarily by a server admin or server shop. Perhaps a market at spawn that players can rent stalls in would work well.
    • Incentive to actually use the economy.
      • Players should have a reason to use the economy - this can mean that there should be features that they can purchase with the currency (pets, hats, whatever), or a mechanic like Towny or Residence that costs money to protect their stuff.
    Really, as long as the server economy can prevent mass inflation and keep items being traded, it will be far better then any server that has a server shop.
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  3. That's my goal and I don't wanna get a good economy for my server so I can prevent a lot of things like inflation or where someone crafts items just to sell it for more.
  4. Another thing to consider is the starting money you give to new players. Perhaps set up a script (or go in manually) and purge the accounts of any inactive players to remove stagnant currency.
  5. I need a good start on where to put prices & such
  6. Are you doing a server shop? If this is the route, you gotta be really careful about setting prices. Otherwise it might be ok to let players natually come up with prices as they begin joining? Just a thought.
  7. I need to a server shop, with abilities that you pay to upgrade need to go together