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  1. Hey I get this error when connecting to only this ONE server and its been like this for a few days now, any tips on how to fix it? I don’t have Forge or Bungeecord installed. And this also only happens for this server. I've tried completely deleting and reinstalling MC and connecting, still nothing. Ive restarted my computer for days trying to fix this, still nothing. Nothing Im doing seems to be working so I would like your guys' input on it. If it means anything, this server I am trying to connect to I was playing fine until one day I was in my living room and I got on a computer I don't usually get on to play this server, then when I went back to my own computer later that day, It gave me this message. Now I can't connect on either computer, and gives me the same message on both when I try to do so.
    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Also, again, not sure if it matters, but the server is on 1.7.2 still.
  2. Change bungeecord: true to false in the spigot.yml file.
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  3. Where is this found?
  4. The spigot.yml file which will be in your main server directory with the spigot.jar. Are you actually using bungeecord?