Server Forums and a Discord

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  1. Is it necessary to have a server forum with a discord? What are their major purposes in your opinion?
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  2. No it is not.
    If you're just starting off, with no big ambitious ideas, then you probably won't need it.
    I personally think a Discord server is much easier to manage, and allow players to engage more because it's simple, and tends to be opened on everyone's computer at all time. It is also free compare to making a forum which you may need a hosting site.
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  3. No, it's about the community - if the forum or discord adds to this, and helps the mc server grow, it has a purpose, but from what i have seen the majority of discords are dead, and the only active talkers are the ones who think they are the big shots on the server. It's rather saturated. Forums are even more dead. So, unless your discord or forum has something to contribute to the mc server, and it creates word of mouth and participation and builds community, there's 0% reason to add it.
  4. It's mostly a really helpful means of communication. Update information is more easily seen, players can talk with each other. I suppose it's not totally necessary but it does make communication easier