Server freezes a couple of seconds..

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  1. Hey guys,

    Since a couple of days we have a problem that all of our servers (3) are freezing from a couple of seconds. We though it might be a plugin, but SSH is lagging when there is ingame lagg, IRC too.

    Timings when then there was a lagg:
    20 seconds of no lagg:

    CPU and RAM aren't very high either.

    Thanks alot!
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  2. It seems to be fixed after 2 days of lagging.. Somebody else had this too, was fixed after 2 days too. Weird stuff.
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    Sounds like a network issue if you are noticing lag on SSH and IRC as well. You may have been getting DDoSed.
  4. No. We have a firewall script that blocks people that are trying to connect too fast and it gave 0 results.
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    A script does not protect you from DDOS.

    Check your control panel and look at the graph of incoming, it may have been higher than usual.
  6. I know, but it will give us a sign that there is an active DDOS. And there has not been one. While at a normal DDOS we are getting 1.
  7. hmm, I've been having issues like this on a smaller scale(1/2 second lag spikes at most). My impression is that it may be due to hard drive seek times, just a guess. I'm currently moving from VPS to dedicated, seeing if that helps.
  8. I have a dedicated with 2 SSD's. ;)
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    It might not have been a DDoS, but this sounds 100% like a network issue. You said yourself the CPU wasn't noticeably under major load. It sounds even more like a network issue because as you said it just resolved itself after a few days. If it was a hardware problem or something else it wouldn't likely just fix itself.