Solved Server freezes then crashes?

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  1. Provide your Plugin list please, and as I saw in the Raw Data, your server jar file doesn’t exist.
    I’m heading off, and may not reply ‘til 11.
  2. It looks to me like you've got some plugin that doesn't support asynchronous calls.
    Code (Text):
    14.07 05:51:40 [Server] ERROR com.creeperevents.oggehej.obsidianbreaker.BlockListener.onEntityExplode(
    14.07 05:51:40 [Server] ERROR com.creeperevents.oggehej.obsidianbreaker.BlockListener.explodeBlock(
    It's probably this plugin above, though I didn't read the entire bug report. It seems like the explodeBlock method can't be run in async. I suggest if you know how to code you should look at that.
  3. I believe I've seen this before in some other support thread. It's an EnderDragon flying into obisidian towers on a server with ObsidianBreaker plugin. It's been a known issue for years now. Disable it for that world in the config or don't spawn enderdragons.

    Seems you might have the older 2.1 version of the plugin too, so you'd have to update it to at least 2.3 to disable the functionality per-world.
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  4. k thx guys, ill see if it works
  5. k update: it seems to not crash, but theres still lag. (probably unrelated tho)
  6. What do you see in the logs this time?