Server freezes with high CPU usage since Spigot 1.13 update

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  1. Hi! I need some help here
    • The instance seems to freeze shortly after I log in and then crash because of a timeout. Maybe when a specific chunk is loaded.
    • Other server instances with similar config have been running fine. This is running behind BungeeCord.
    • All plugins have been disabled.
    • I've had this problem since the update to 1.13. (I delayed any troubleshooting until now, hoping it would get fixed by an update, but it's been a few months now.)
    What can I try to troubleshoot this? Should I try to restore the map from backup and convert it again? Should I try run it in vanilla Minecraft? Is there a way to log which chunks are being loaded when the crash happens?

    I attached Spigot log and crash report


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  2. Can we get a list of plugins you have installed? :)
  3. Plugins are now disabled on that instance, but they were as follows:

    ChestShop, CraftBook, EntityLWC, Essentials, EssentialsAntiBuild, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, FlyingCarpet, iConomy, LogBlock, Multiverse-Core, OpenInv, PermissionsEX, PlaceholderAPI, playersql, ProtocolLib, ShowCaseStandalone, Vault, VentureChat, worldedit, WorldGuard

    Also on BungeeCord there's (still active) the following plugins:

    BungeePexBridge, GlobalTablist, ServerListPlus, VentureChat, Yamler
  4. We had the same thing happen on 3 other servers, but we're dealing with a loss in the family so my interest in looking into this has been zero. We rolled back to 2 days ago and that resolved it.

    One thing I noticed was that old things that players find (say a dragon in the end that was spawned from an event and flew into some weird direction) has caused the server to crash. Clearing that dragon and rolling back the end world a day or two, has resolved that as well.

    We do not run any of the plugins mentioned above. Once we noticed problems with worlds where someone logs in and then boom, everything stops, server crashes etc.. but only in certain worlds.. we rolled back to resolve the problem and didn't upgrade the other servers to the latest builds of spigot.

    When my mind isn't a foggy troubled crying mess, I will try to find and dig up some crash msgs.

    Subbing to thread to see if there's a solution in a few days.
  5. Sorry to hear that! Take your time...