Server got hacked

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by BoomScoom, Sep 1, 2015.

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  1. No it was broken or something like that, and a guy "fixed" it for him, but it came with a price.
  2. Still waiting on that high quality code snippet elswhere. ;)

    When you say @mattrick made the plugin do you mean he's the author or he edited it?
  3. It was custom made my the developer stopped responding so I needed someone to fix a crucial bug, I got @mattrick to do it for $5 and he fixed it but I guess he added that evil code too.
  4. Edited it. (Fixed a bug)
  5. Got some skype/chat logs?
    Mattrick is generally known as a trustworthy user around here, not sure why he would ruin his rep for some amateur shit like this.
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  6. I didn't add him on Skype but I have a conversation on my forums, I'll take some screen shots.
  7. I don't know him, but he has an award, that got me thinking :eek:
  8. I also have some logs in-game I could go looking for of our conversation about the plugin when he offered to fix the plugin.
  9. Uhh..
    RedstoneDust -> Mattrick??
    I really don't see the connection at all.
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  10. I have his IP, could a moderator or someone check to see if they're matching?
  11. @BoomScoom well if you got the jar before @mattrick fixed it and after he fixed it, we could compare the jars and conclude who added it.

    Good point, we need to wait for his screenshots to show whether it was @mattrick or not.

    [EDIT] Where was this conversation, @BoomScoom ? What website?
  12. I have the jar before mattrick fixed it.
  13. maldahleh

    Wiki Team

    Can you share that jar too so we can compare it?
  14. Sure I'll upload it 1 sec.
  15. (iClanwebsites)
  16. maldahleh

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  17. I am reporting the post so a moderator can contact him.
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