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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by BoomScoom, Sep 1, 2015.

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  1. Just would like to point something out just to have for reference in the future.

    Under the CFAA, it is a federal crime to "intentionally access a computer without authorization or exceed authorized access"

    This very law applies to putting a backdoor in a plugin to then send back to a server administrator. If the server owner wanted to pursue this you could face federal hacking charges. I suggest in the future you do not share your account that way you never put yourself in a situation where this can happen.

    This thread should be locked now.
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  2. Imo it wouldn't get anywhere in a court anyway.
  3. I have to agree, courts wouldn't even give a crap about two large minecraft servers going at it, doubt they'd care about a plugin.
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  4. Daniel Cuthbert typed in ../../../ in the URL. He was convicted of "intent to hack"
    Lori Drew was convicted of hacking MySpace, because she violated MySpace's terms-of-service by creating a fake account.
    Andrew "weeve" Auernheimer pled guilty to identity theft, because AT&T provided customer account info for early iPad owners on their website, and he wrote a script that just enumerated the URLs and download them.
    Brian K. West was threatened with prosecution because he clicked on a button labelled "Edit" on a newspaper website

    Its not about your opinion, its about the fact that it is a real problem where laws are not developed for this age of technology and COULD go somewhere.

    So adding a line of code which allows you to gain administrator access in game could deffinetly fit in that line of charges.
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  5. I mean, those are large companies, we're just talking about a plugin on an online PC Game.
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  6. On top of that, multiple of those cases are many years old, and would probably play out in a completely different way if something like those were to reoccur again today.

    On top of that, people get tricked by a poisoned plugin thing all the time, and the worst that ever really comes of it is a destroyed map in a minecraft server.
    I'd bet every cent in my bank account that taking something like that to a court wouldn't hold up unless the person taking the issue to court had a absolute crap ton of spare money to throw at some of the best lawyers.. and even then.
    You're just embarrassing yourself more and more each time you post.
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  8. Spigot is in no way part of this. There is no reason for it to act in any way.
  9. You'd have to show that you had at least US$5,000 in damages. (Oh, and you better have been paying your income taxes for your server's revenue!)
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  10. oh my god why can't you people read?
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