Server hangs when "Main" appears.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    My server has been hanging after I installed the Pixelator plugin. When it enables Pixelator, an icon appears in my dock that says "Main." When that icon appears the server just hangs and the Force Quit menu says it's not responding. I've seen this icon pop up before many times before, but now it just hangs whenever it appears. When I remove the plugin, the "Main" icon does not appear and the server is fine. I've also had this problem with the FramePicture plugin. If I try to use any of its commands, Main pops up and hangs.

    This is kind of strange because it just started to happen a few days ago, the plugin used to work perfectly. I know what plugin is causing it but I want to know why it does it, and how it can be fixed. (Or if it can be fixed.)

    Server Starting up:


    Any ideas?
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  2. You're using a Mac to host a Minecraft server.
    That's more than likely the issue here.