Server hardware for Minecraft server (not personal)

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  1. Hi,

    I am getting really tired about minecraft hosting companies. The support.. The lag... The downtime... And I depend on this host. And when there are problems, they need to fix it. And I can do nothing!

    So thats where I want to start. I want my own server. Not via an host. But I want to buy hardware so i can run the server. But which hardware do I need? (I dont think a PC is good hardware) And does SSD change much to the speed? I have a budget around €150 ($166,6)

    Can someone help me?

  2. You aren't going to get anything for 150€. The CPU alone will nab ya' around 200€-400€.
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  3. Not possible whit 150 euros maybe something like 1000
  4. To be fair you can get a pretty powerful workstation for less than $500, with a proper Xeon and all.
  5. Instead of breaking the bank because you have had a few bad experiences I would suggest doing some research. 99% of servers use minecraft hosting companies or dedicated machines so you know that there are some good companies out there. I recently made a post myself asking the server admins which hosting company they found was the best overall, feel free to look at it ( ). Go through the thread and take a look at all of them and compare them yourself. I agree that it can be frustrating sometimes but a good machine makes a good server. If you are still set on making your own machine I would lift your budget a bit

    PS: if you do decide to use a hosting company I would reccomend you get a dedicated machine instead of a vps (shared host); its more expensive in most cases but the quality is much better.
  6. OK, it seems like i need to find a better host. I dont think I can get $1000 in a year XD
  7. If you need a host ovh/sys
  8. Yeah use OVH I had a serversystem, never had problems with it, no lagg nor downtime and it was a VPS
  9. If you still need help I recommend AMAZON AWS for your server. Basically you create and install it yourself. 100% uptime and you can turn it on only as needed. I am willing to help you if you ever need it. You can do this for $20-$40 a month with a good VPC server.
  10. sorry ifi necro too much, but it is (with the right amountof research) entirely possible to build a dedicated server for mc with 150€. how many users do you have on your server is the bigger question...
  11. It is possible for $100 or less with server shipped. But again number. Of people matters much more than that.

    Just FYI I did buy a dell 2850 for $73 and 6 HDDs for 30 ish and have a quad core 8gb and good hdd speed server for that. But yet again depends on exact intent.
  12. Stop necroposting
  13. I didn't necropost. the guy before me did i just pay 0 attention.
  14. i always have lag on my vps ;(
  15. sorry for necro. but i couldnt stand the statement of frash23 .. 400$ for the cpu? we are talking about server hardware m8...there are blade systems to be bought for less then that..used of course. for a mc only server that has about 20users and no extreme plugins like movecraft id wager around 200 euro to be sufficient