Server help in general please.

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by JustTheCasual, May 15, 2016.

  1. So, I'm planning on starting a server and the people I'm planning on starting it with are suggesting a GTA server since we use to play one and loved every minute of it and so did all the community that played it. The server has been shut down randomly without a warning it has been down for a while and still no reason has been told to why this happened. So, I'm looking to start up a similar server for people to play since this amazing piece of art work is gone.

    Here is the server part, I need advice because I don't know a thing about running a GTA server as there are alot of shit plugins out there. I have ran a factions server and a vault server before both turned out well financially and popularity. I am looking for recommendations on whether to go with spigot, bukkit etc, Will I need to hire builders and developers to get it working well or am I right with just using default plugins and default map. I know it all comes down to personal preference but that's not what I'm looking for, right now I need solid advice from you not from me. To be honest my faction and vault servers were both pretty default'ish we had a few custom plugins but they were made by a friend and they must of been fairly easy because it only took a hour or so. I know this sounds disrespectful but I want to know everything I can about running this servers best plugins, what I'll need, best map, ideas, if I should choose staff wisely (even with friends) and just as much as possible. Also a nice hosting would be good I got money but am not planning on spending anymore then $100 until I see it working out.

    I am planning the server hosting to be located somewhere in a America regardless of where I live, seeing that's where most players are playing from. I will take advice if you don't recommend a GTA server but if you are going to then supply a reason why and a server Idea replacement (Factions, Mini games etc.). I will take advice from all ages depending on how mature and experienced you sound. I have no map so think carefully on that builder thing (if you don't recommend the builder then recommend me a map, if possible). If I missed anything just tell me anyway, I'm sorry this is so long but please supply all the help you can give.

    Thanks, the homie. :)