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  1. i need help I want to get a server that dedacted for 25 to 30 dollars a mounth
  2. Tux


    You're basically left with Wholesale Internet resellers and Kimsufi then
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  3. Dedicated servers generally start at $60/mo, your best option would be to get a VPS.
  4. I think the best option for him is kimsufi (low pricing)
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  5. kimsufi is your best bet. (us site)
    i recommend the KS-3B, KS-4A, and the KS-4C
  6. How many plugins / players are you looking to get?
    Shared host may be better to start off with, as you can easily upgrade if needed.
    You would also have to / or pay someone to setup the required software on the dedicated server, and security.
  7. he could use the server for more than a minecraft server. EX: minecraft server and a website, maybe add in a email service or have a ftp file server. i personally have servers for all of these.
  8. Like I want 4 server with 40 plugins each
  9. You're dreaming.
  10. Depends on how many players, But ye I would suggest a good Kimsufi server then / Maybe Game server from SYS / OVH
    You want a CPU that rates highly on:
    If you don't expect much of a playerbase, you could get 4 servers from shared hosts, this works quite well and is very cheap.
  11. Use HostHorde. Their $25 plan offers xeon cpu and 6 gb ram. Also, you can request for more ram if you need.
  12. Um... Not happening, unless those 40 plugins are very very light weight. I have 32 gb of ram and xeon e3 and I think i could only handle 100-200 players, most my server have 20 plugins half f which are light weight.