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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by GaIaxy, May 20, 2017.

  1. GaIaxy


    Title may be misleading, but hopefully not.

    Regardless, I'm just curious on how everyone gets help with their server. For me, I am by myself trying to fix two networks, run one server, and start another server. It's stressful doing it by myself at times.

    The question:
    Are you running your server by yourself? If not, how'd you get someone to help you develop and create it? Did you pay them?
  2. Splazeing


    I started by running it by myself, setting up all plugins, maps and run the forums.
    After about 8 months I found a great player who turned out to be very helpful; he is owner(/co-owner) now and manages lots of things for me.
    Not because I'm that lazy, but because he wanted to do it so I can focus on making the server better.
    • I have a owner(/co-owner) managing the forums and community in-game
    • I setup the server myself
    • I hire people for builds
    • I hire people for plugins
    • I hire people for GFX (Simple gfx in photoshop I will do myself.)
    Its like this now simply because I have the money for it because the server grew so much since the owner(/co-owner) came.

  3. GaIaxy


    The people that came my way always wanted payment for their work. I don't have a problem with that, but I'd rather have someone *want* to work on the server because they want to, not because they want money.

    Regardless, I'm afraid that my network(s) won't get off the ground by myself. I'll probably hire a setup team to help with progress.

  4. I worked alone on the server I have right now, which is just survival really, the only thing that wasn't made by me was the builds which was made by a friend.

    I'm opening another server soon and since I don't have much experience, and don't want to stress myself too much I just hired various people to work on parts of my server, it's far from finished (even though it's just ol' generic factions) but I'm sure if I did it alone I'd be pulling my hair out now trying to find blocks that look good together.

    I'm not sure if an actual team is what you mean but I've noticed that prices for people who work for a team (Ex. build team) are usually higher than those who do things alone, just a heads up in case you're trying to cut on expenses.
  5. Splazeing


    That is right. it took about a year to find the right colleague and friend to manage the server with me.
    He became a helper first, fast moderator and he had all my trust and the other way around as well.
    At first he didnt ask for to be paid, but i decided to pay him a few $$ a month for his awesome work, without him the server wouldn't be this far.
  6. Get operators and an head staff, I currently have a great head staff and operator that do all the staff and backend management