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  1. Hello, me and my friends, a group of more or less 10 persons, want to rent a server to host our minecraft server.
    The only ones having acess to the server will be us, but we want something to run a server with all this mods in a smooth way and with headroom for possible new mods.


    Applied Energistics2

    Archimedes Ships

    Biomes O'Plenty


    Carpenter's Blicks


    Code Chicken Core

    CoFH Core

    Compact Machines

    Custom NPCs

    Deadly World






    Growth Craft

    Hardcore Ender Expansion

    IC2 Nuclear Control

    Industrial Craft 2

    Inventory Tweaks

    Iron Chest





    Not Enough Items

    Pam's Harvest Craft

    Project Red

    Simply Jetpacks

    Spice Of Life

    Tinker's Construct


    Thermal Dynamics/Expansion/Foundation

    Twilight Forest



    That's the list.
    In terms of budget, I was looking at the Contabo VPS L (14GB Ram, 4 vcores) which seemed a good server for the price! Also looked at kimsufi ks-3 and ks-4 but they seem to be super hyper dope hard to get.

    Please help this little noob! Thank you!
  2. What's your budget if its higher then 35
    you could buy a sys dedi
  3. I have a sys dedi atm, but it's not that high, we wanted to spend near 3€ per month each, so that would be around 30€?
  4. Also, wouldn't a sys dedi be quite a overkill?
  5. mods some times require a lot of cpu power so i say no
  6. Which model would you go for then?
  7. I suggest the intel xeon e3 1225/1245
  8. Right now I have that server with those mods running on my SYS SAT 3 and it keeps saying 'Server can't keep up, did the time change or is the server overloaded?'

    Would a Contabo VPS L Really not do the job?
  9. vpses are not good to host modded servers ram isn't everything
  10. I mean, mcprohosting is pretty cheap, and gives you a plan so you can add on mods. Not sure if your looking for something like them though.