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  1. This isn't related to Spigor nor Spigot Plugins forum so i posted it here, sorry lol. My server plan is 5120MB, but the maximum memory when I type /lag is 4551 MB, and the allocated memory is 2448. Why is this? The host is Shockbyte if that matters.
  2. Maybe Allocated is minimum of 2448MB and the Maximum is 4551MB.
    However I am not 100% sure. But if that statement is true then Shockbyte is trimming off a couple hundred MB.
  3. Aren't schockbyte one of the hosts that oversells?
    Contact them and tell them you want the amount of memory you're paying for.

    This post is correct

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  4. You are still getting the amount of memory you pay for - as your ram usage increases, the maximum increases until it reaches the maximum your plan allocates. Tested it myself on their servers.

    Edit: Not sure why it does this, perhaps to save unneeded memory, maybe it's a multicraft thing.
  5. You probably have no idea how Java or the JVM works. Its normal to not have the full amount print out as the JVM is also taking some of the memory. The allocated memory is the memory allocated by the JVM to be used for the application. Nothing to worry about.
  6. If you willingly post in the wrong forum, that's just shake head worthy. Post in the right forum, don't waste my time when I get here trying to help people as a courtesy just to find it has nothing to do with this sub forum.
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  8. It's normal for the maximum memory to display as slightly less than what is assigned. You can read more about why this occurs here:

    You should be able to see on the server control panel that 5120MB is assigned on the main page for the server under "Memory".
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  10. check the panel if it hows 5120MB you got the full 5gb

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