Server Host thats comes with Webhosting for free?

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  1. Is there any minecraft server hosting that comes with webhosting for free included. Like a addon for buying a minecraft server with the host?
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  2. I recommend Clovux used them for a while and was not disappointed and it comes free with web hosting, its run by @UElitez!
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  3. You can try they offer plans with free webhosting they are a really good host and super cheap.
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  4. Fluctishosting offers free webhosting with all of it's mc servers.
  5. I wouldn't choose a hosting provider based on if they offer free web hosting or not.

    You can easily get free hosting from lots of reputable sites, and most of the free hosting plans offered my Minecraft hosting services are mostly the same as those you'll find on others not related to your host.

    In my opinion, it's better than they expend your money entirely on the product you buy, rather than giving you a worse Minecraft host but compensate it with free hosting and other services.

    Fluctis would be a perfect example of this. Their Minecraft hosting is honestly terrible. It's perfomance is awful, the panel is really slow and it's design looks just bad. And believe me, it really makes you use it less and start using the rtoolkit console instead. Their support is really slow, and just "scalates" everything to a superior when they don't have the answer you asked for in their manual. Then their superior just goes ahead and tells you it's fixed when it's not, and you have to reply again and again, or they just say the can't do anything about that. Either way, teribble. I would say their web hosting is the best thing they offer in MC packages, and that is the added-value prodct. So, in definitive, do not choose a host just for their extra options, but look first if the main thing performs good.
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  6. I agree with this, Fluctis works great both MC and Webhosting

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