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  1. No clue if this is the right forum to post in if it isn't please move it to the correct one so anyway.

    I want to know a cheap host that offers ddos protection and ram that can go up to 8gb. I'm not looking for a dedicated server as I have no clue about setting them up. And you guys will probably moan at me about shared hosting (Go ahead) so anyway what host would you recommend.
  2. hmm, I can maybe help you get a dedi up
  3. NetherByte can offer you that pretty well, check my sig for a link.

    Most of us here will recommend a Dedi for you, as they truly are better for most people.
    If you do ever choose to go with a dedi, go with ReliableSite, OVH or SecuredServers.
  4. Would netherbyte have a customizable player limit because with 4096 mb you could probably get around 80-100 players instead of 48?
  5. That would be helpful but not at the current moment in time. Because I'm currently just making plans for now I have no intrest in starting now until I hear the offical 1.8 Eula statement and seeing what plugins break xD :p
  6. Yep, we have one client currently running 150 players on a similar plan
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  8. I know right, such professional work right there
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  9. I know that the cheap the better, but you could for example get a dedicated server in ReliableSite or Server4You, Hetzner etc.

    And use a good ddos protection somewhere else, one that never got down is the one I currently use for my server :

    You can try BlackLotus or Staminus too, but in past I didn't really had a so good experience, OVH (no please hehe, but if you don't have any other option, then whatever...).

    Just keep in mind that the words 'Cheap' and 'Good' doesn't often walk/meet together :)
  10. Sorry but you must be retarded to think that hyper filter has better ddos protection then OVH
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  11. Why don't you try to put it down then ? :)
  12. Because people have lives and would not bother spending money to taking something down. We already know that OVH > Hyperfilter. Why bother?
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  13. Go ahead and google them they look like a shit company
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  14. You just believe that a company that provides 120 Gbps for 'all their customers' can handle more attack traffic than a company that is built 'specifically' for this ? You must be really innocent :) But maybe with time you'll learn the differences :D

    No way OVH is better in capacity than BlackLotus, Prolexic, HyperFilter or Staminus, except that some of these companies might have specific issues with game servers, however I didn't found any with my service provider at all, while with OVH I got all sorts of problems even using their "AntiDDoS PRO".

    And when mailing them to get help and a fix for my issues, the replies generally took 3~5 days to arrive, with only attempts and excuses :)

    So yeah, use them as much you want, better for me lol.
  15. You have no clue what you are talking about .-. Hyperfilter is a sketchy company with 0 reputation not sure if you are promoting them for some reason but no-one will agree with you here and we are all knowledgable server owners (not in your case) who can agree with me.
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  16. You have your own opinion and it is respectable, however I bet you didn't even tried the services before judging it at all.
  17. >"Try to find something recent"
    >Bashes OVH's old, now replaced, DDoS protection system.
  18. No bashing, just an opinion :)