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  1. That doesn't make it any better.
    You are saying you had bad experience with a system that has been replaced and is no longer possible to use.

    OVH has some of the best DDoS protection around ( ), and has mitigated attacks of 300Gbps scales.

    EDIT: I see his twitter was deleted.
    He was a person with access to an extreme botnet, and took down all major servers, except for the ones using OVH.
  2. Doesn't matter was 2 years ago the fact that they blatantly stole code/text of another provider just further proves my point they are not a professional company and they haven't developed in 2 years into a professional company
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  3. I used OVH in the last days, I still have my SP's with them and it is not good :(, but as I said, what matters here is stability and well if people don't care for it, as I said better for me, afterall I get players daily which had problems in other places hehe :)
  4. Do you have proofs they did it ? Or are you just saying they did because someone else did ? I don't see any relation between the two...
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  5. Whats your server IP
  6. "It's not good"
    Yeah, well, I just signed up with hyperfilter, and they are cutting my bandwidth to 0.4Mbps.
  7. look at the thread I posted lol
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  8. Yeah, show me your IP from hyperfilter then :)

    It seems sharing thoughts and opinions doesn't work anymore, because people like you just go like a kid about it hehe.
  9. It doesn't shows much to be honest. Other than someone complaining about something that doesn't exists and no recent complaints like that anymore, while if you search about OVH you can find complaints even yesterday lol.
  10. I don't believe your argument is valid, but what proof do YOU have that you got DDoS'ed?
  12. You don't need to believe in anything, I respect your opinion :)
  13. Why don't you believe me then?
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  14. Checking their atm to confirm @MaxDev
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  15. OVH is so huge. They're literally the world's largest open dedicated server host.
    Find 1000 bad reviews, and you'll add 0.01% bad reputation to them.

    Hyperfilter is a small, sketchy-looking company with a small amount of clients. Just two bad reports on them is a huge red flag.
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  16. OVH has a great performance for their price. The only thing which I find crappy about them is that they have sub-companies which use a different control panel and will require different accounts and their customer support is bad.
  17. Ah, yeah, now that hahaha. However, no recent complaints, which means they've improved over the years. :)

    (By following your own logic).
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  18. That's not a valid repy, if you find anything wrong with my post, point them out and explain why (preferrably with proof).
  19. Yeah, when I actually updated my reply ;)