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  1. And what source do you have on this "No recent complaints"?
  2. Search for them.
  3. Are they even a registered company they hide their WHOIS lol @MaxDev whats your server IP
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  4. Please just leave you can host your shitty server with hyperfilter (not even registered company) no-one here will agree here for a reason just face it they are a shit host
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  5. Not even a registered company ? This is not what their IP Whois says, failed attempt thanks.
  6. Another bullshit thing about Hyperfilter:
    1) Slot limits are EXPENSIVE! 64 will NOT suffice for most people on here, nor will 192! With OVH, you get unlimited.
    2) Port limits?! PORT LIMITS?! WHAT! With OVH, you'll get all 635355 ports! And +$10/month per port? wtf?
    3) 1 Dedicated IP? Get OVH's smallest server and you'll have 256 ¬¬'
    4) "3 open ports"? What does that even mean!?
    5) Bandwidth? This one is kind of bullshit as well :/

    6) There's nothing wrong with OVH's - it's "free" and extremely powerful.
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  7. They do not provide any information and I could not find their company registered in the US/UK
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  8. Quality vs Pricing again :)

    Good luck.
  9. Indeed, OVH is of much higher quality.
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  10. lmao 512gb bandwidth lol
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  11. Just fyi, you can't have your own IP subnet in RIPE (European RIR) if you aren't a registered company.
  12. Enough for that package specs, I never reached close to it, with legit traffic.
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  13. Find me records of hyper filters company and no proper company uses go daddy and hides their whois info. This is basically a major reason they are a sketchy company
  14. That's a perfect example of why you have no right to speak - your server isn't even big, it's super tiny.
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