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  1. My friends and I are currently looking to make a survival server, dont care if its bukkit, spigot, or vanilla server. We just want a max of up to 15 people, we started on, and im thinking of aternos, but I don't know how it works, or if you have to renew it. Although, if anyone else has an idea of a server host thats FREE and you don't have to renew it, and you can have around 8 - 15 people on at once, that would be great. Thanks!
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    Don't expect much from free hosts. You'll have tons of downtime, lag, and horrible support. There's a reason good hosting costs money.

    There's plenty of relatively cheap hosting solutions, though. You could get a VPS from OVH for $3.35 per month that's probably powerful enough to host 15–20 players. The only difficulty is that you have to set it up yourself.
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  3. I mean, I don't expect much but I used to be a developer in the community, I only posted my "codes" that were Skript, which ik isnt coding but anyways the point is i know not to expect much, but you'd think atleast 1 host would give you some sort of 24/7, no plugins, and like 10 player support
  4. @SynEasy my honest answer is host it on your computer or one of your friends. 8-15 Players won't do your server any harm, give it at least 1GB of Ram and it'll do the job great.

    It may be a hassle to set it up at first, but I assure you there are plenty of good tutorials and it really isn't that hard. Plus it's really free.
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    See for one of the many problems with home hosting.
    A host doing that would basically be giving out all their money for free.
  6. You could host a server from your home
  7. Yep, remember the OP said
    , the OP is using this with their friends, so I would assume DDOSing is out of the picture?
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    They said they are looking to make a survival server with their friends. I presume this means they are making a public server with the friends co-owning it, rather than a server just to play on with their friends.
  9. In that case, I recommend professional hosting as well.
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  10. No, only a server for me and a couple (meaning up to 15 at peak) friends
  11. Well, in that case, why not just spend $2 a month for a 1GB server from a server hosting provider? It will be so much easier and hassle free, and it's just the cost for a cup of coffee A MONTH. Plus, it will be up almost 24/7. :shrug:
  12. There are some cheaper than that
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