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  1. So I have been searching around, and it seems the pricing is very different from various hosting companies. Some seem very expensive compared to the other, and I just wanted to know if anyone know a good host?
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    Well your host should depend on your needs and requirements (player counts, server vs. network, shared vs. dedicated, location, budget, etc.) - do you have an idea on any of these?
  3. Clovux ~ used them for few years.
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  4. It's going to be just like any other product you can buy. It depends on your needs and what works for you. You generally get what you pay for when it comes to paying for services or goods. Some people just need more or less so base your budget on that.
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  5. I'm very happy with Bisect Hosting, but they're on the expensive side. I used to use a host that was half the price, and had a lot of trouble with them.

    Read other peoples' reviews, set yourself a budget, and go from there.
  6. I personally use a dedicated server from SoYouStart. This is the one I use exactly.
  7. Try

    I've used them for over a year now, and never ran into issues. They are also relatively cheap.
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  8. I'm not here to recommend any, just to steer you away from MelonCube, previously Endermite Hosting. I know you probably wont watch the whole video but in short they refused to refund someone, offering a trial of a better server but the 'trial' was full price. Then they threatened the person in the video with false claims and a lawsuit, and the 'lawyer' was just the owner on a different email account who was making up bullshit claims and just fearmongering.
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  9. PeachHost or AnvilNode. Shockbyte is good as well.
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  10. Anvil node is good and I wouldn't use any of these random hosts that these people above are recommending.
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  11. Why would you not use any of these "random" hosts? AnvilNode is a good host, but there are plenty of other good hosting providers out there. As for the operator, I would recommend just going onto MC-Market and going to the "Hosting" section and taking a look at all the hosting providers there.
  12. Because they don't have a good reputation wouldn't you buy from a server who's know for having good prices and good servers that people know and trust rather than what ever "Peach Host" is
  13. I'm a little confused, because Endermite and MelonCube seem to be different companies.

    MelonCube and BisectHosting are owned by the same company.
  14. Like he said, it all depends on your needs.
  15. What do you exactly want to do with it?
  16. Meant to say MelonCube previously Endermite, they rebranded.
  17. I understand what they did was wrong but trust me they are much much better now, they are under new mangment and the owner of endermite has been gone for ages
  18. I recommend the host ExtraVM. I’ve had no problems with this host whatsoever and the overall performance and uptime is amazing.
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    I feel like I haven't seen your name in ages.

    Thanks :~)
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