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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by fred112f, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Definitely been a while since I've posted here. Just recently had some free time and decided to help some people on here if I could.
  2. I was thinking 4GB ram with a very good connection (as I currently live in the Philippines and I want a host in Europe) and a possibility of an expansion to a network and/or more ram.
  3. What is your budget and what is the average amount of players online on your server?
  4. I have not started yet. I wanna get into hosting. My budget is around 100-180$
  5. I have been using since 2012, at some time had started having problems with it at 2017, but now ok, it's also cheap now.
  6. Thank you for the kind words everyone! :)
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  7. If you haven’t started yet you should really just start simple with a server at a shared host (Like anvilnode or extravm) and then when you have a decent player base move on to a dedicated server like this one for ~€40 a month.
  8. Yeah man keep living in your own lie.
  9. Maybe it’s cheap but you’re getting a pretty bad cpu for minecraft hosting and a HDD and they are probably overselling there nodes.
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  10. SpacePuppeh


    I recommend Bisect Hosting, ExtraVM, Nitrous Networks, and AllGamer! :)
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  11. I was getting a lot of "Can't keep up! the server overloaded?" messages with Anvilnode, some so bad that it would hang for 60 seconds then crash. Not getting any of that with Bisecthosting.
  12. I used verrygames in the past cheap hosting servers for less then 5$ , I'm using Shockbyte now , good servers
  13. Pebble Host is great! not paid for advertising lol, but I do love their service and their support

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