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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Tycoons, Jun 9, 2016.

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  1. Hey guys, I am currently developing a PvP network, and need to know some good hardware to host it on. My current budget is about £30-£40 a month.

    The network will consist of a few faction servers, and possibly more as the network gets larger. As soon as more donations are made, we can upgrade our servers.

    I want my sub-servers (the faction servers) to be on a different host from the bungeecord for a few reasons. One being protection, and the other for more RAM to my subs.

    On my bungeecord server, that will just be running teamspeak, bungeecord and apache.

    Thanks! c:
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  3. RSNET-Radic


    Do you have any players yet? If not, start off with a VPS and save your money for a larger server (when you need it).
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  4. Ok, thank you for your advise! c:

    What should I get when I have players though?
  5. MiniDigger


    first think small, don't worry to much of expanding just yet. get your server running, build up a playerbase and then think about upgrading your server and adding more minecaft instances.
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  6. Do you think I should just have 1 faction server to start with, then?
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    yes, why would you want to spread your small player base on multiple servers? don't start another instance if you have sub 100 players peak.
  8. Correct THEN worry about Bungeecord. It will better this way as it will allow you to has all your players within the single server than having barely any sized community on 3/4 of the entire network.

    I would then start Bungeecording when you have more than 50 players at any given time.
  9. I agree with the others, focus a single server at first. Develop your network and should the need be there to expand (lag or a boom in players for example), then think about expanding. :)
  10. offers you 6gb ram for 8€ me myself started with that and When my playerbase got bigger we went with a ohv ddos protected bungee server and keept "Survival" on The Contabo vps. They offers alot of good stuff!
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    Upgrade to dedicated.
  12. I'm also just starting and I use the host in my signature now they offer the same quality as a good dedicated server but with amazing support (so less can go wrong ;) ) If I expand I'm gone take a dedi to but then I need a sys admin and ... (so unless your server is really big it's like milking your own cows it's more expensive and you can better just buy it in the shop (cheaper))
  13. I am currently using the host you say and they are my sponsor. c;
  14. Then I wouldn't change :) a dedi is only good if your server is huge
  15. I can recommend on a host I am using for almost a year. They offer a lot of RAM, a lot of DiscSpace and awesome CPUs. They also have an easy control pannel and many tutorials. Link:
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  16. I am closing this thread as I now have a host. Thank you! c;
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