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  1. What is the best known, premium quality server hosting can you offer?

    I'm hosting a Minecraft PE Dedicated Server (multiple server)


    Also I'm doing a multiple server setup. It is possible to have the main hub server with dedicated server then it is connected to vps that contains the (game Lobby and arena ). Or I need a multiple server that is all dedicated?
  2. I'm curious if this is a joke, as "quality" and "MCProHosting" don't fit in the same sentence together.
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  3. I would just buy a single dedicated server from Whether a CPU is multi-threaded or not in this case does not matter as MC servers don't use multiple threads (i'm not sure about PE ones though). When browsing on Kimsufi, turn the location to the "US" or whatever country you want it to be in on the top right.
  4. If OP want's to host many servers he'd be better of with more cores. He can then setup specific servers to use specific threads and balance everything across multiple cores to run better.
  5. Hello. I'm making a multiple server setup. Some said it would be less laggy if that is the setup unlike MultiWorld. It would be better right if I do multiple server setup because it would be more lag free as you re not forcing a single CPU to work even if it has more ram. Right?
  6. You could do this but as far as I remember, bungeecord for instance does not work too well when all components are on the same system. It would maybe then make sense for you to host them all as VM's so they could be separated. It does indeed make sense to spread out the load start small, then look at it, if there is an issue.
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  7. FG_


    You could probably expect some performance improvement from multi-server instead of multi-world, yes, but Im unsure that hosting them on different VMs would have more positives than negatives. The positive (a mild performance improvement) could be outweighed by negatives like the eliminated ability for cross-server messaging, proxy plugins etc.

    I have a small VPS hosting operation - if interested I could help you with high-performance hosting :)
  8. may be ovh is good because i read the there reviews on hosting review site