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What should I do?

  1. My own server hostin/ please write me a solution too :)

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  2. Pay for BugeeCord server hosting.

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  1. Hello evryone!
    I am planning to host my own Bungee-Cord server with about 25 other spigot servers. It would be perfect if at least 250-400 players could join my server.
    Currently, I have 32 RAM GB my internet download-speed is 53.58 Mbps and ,my internet upload-speed is 7.56 Mbps.
    For how many players will this be enough?/ How many GB/RAM and Mbps should I have to be able to reach my 250-400 players goal.

    If noting of these is possible, I also have a 2nd optioon(1st option is dearer to me, if possible)
    -Should I rent a Server Hosting
    If I should, can anyone recommen me any server hosting for Bugee-Cord.

    Thanks for your help and interest! I would really appreciate any help you can give me! THAKS!!!:)
  2. I wouldent spend any money on minecraft hosting(Most of em are crap)

    I own a network with 10 servers with about 250 people on the whole network and i use as my host

    They rent dedicated servers (which are better than hosts like McProHosting , Apex-hosting Because you get your own machine not share it with 20 other people) Alto hosts are already setup with all of this stuff when They give you a unmanaged machine.
    In wich you will have to pay for multicraft license and install the panel on the machine you rented.

    Im basically trying to say renting a machine form or buying your own is much better
    than minecraft hosts (and it more professional)
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  3. Ill keep note of them, they seem better than OVH, cheers :)
  4. Ive been told they arnt But they got great support when the dedicated is down or not working.
    But they limit your privileges i tryed installing pterodactyl Minecraftpannel and my network didnt work on it becuase they didnt give the dedicated permissions (and still wont)
  5. But multicraft works fine on it
  6. I just use "screens" on my machine. Doesn't use barely any resources thus meaning more performance towards the server :p
  7. If you're gonna personally use the computer you're hosting with then I'd say it's a bad idea because
    1. it slows down your computer
    2. if you shut off your computer your server shuts off too and with the player base you want to have that wouldn't be good for the server

    If you're looking for hosting I personally use GalaxyNode (Totally unknown host, not sponsored, just like 'em) it works great for me personally.
  8. You could support approx. 20 players (yes, only 20 players) with that upload speed.

    You need a dedicated server. (NOT shared hosting; NOT a VPS.)

    Post in the Hosting Advice forum if you need more help.
  9. What is
    Waht is dedicated server. How does it work?
  10. A dedicated server is a server you can get hosted but it's a whole computer dedicated to your one server. They're good but quite expensive. If you're looking for dedicated hosts I haven't used them but I recommend OVH hosting
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    You don't need any other solution besides a dedicated server. ExtraVM has a pretty 4790k w/ 32GB RAM for $99/mo in stock. Psychz or SecuredServers work too.
  12. ExtraVM isn't selling dedicated servers anymore.

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    Oops, well then nothing to see there.

    Psychz or SecuredServers should work OP.
  14. Try OVH, they have great DDoS protection
  15. Hello, I am X1RB(xeu1000) the owner of RealityMC Hosting, we offer $2.06 per GB and a special 512MB plan great for 100 Players+ BungeeCord. We a large amount of SSD space & the Multicraft 2.0 panel... If you're interested in a bulk purchase, please contact me for more... If you have a YouTube Channel, Twitter Account, or any other form of social media with a decent amount of followers, we may be able to provide free credit towards a server...