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  1. Uh this is really weird, no server icon is showing up for me, not even yours....can you please check to see if it only doesn't show up in my game?
  2. @Zenful I mean for me I see this:


    btw delete 1 of your post. they are duplicated.
  3. Well thanks for your help and effort. I will just contact my server host. Thank you for trying though!
  4. My host just figured out the problem and they said this "
    We tested the icon and made a new one from scratch. The icon works fine but you have a plugin that is managing the server name and the icon. When we restart the server, for a moment the icon shows fine but with no custom name for the server, once the servers finish loading everything the custom name shows and the icon disappears.

    We have no idea what plugin you are using to customize the server name, because usually that is setup in the file."

    I am using UniqueMOTD and when I deleted it my icon shows up, is there a way I Can keep uniqueMOTD and my icon will still show up?
  5. Well I mean appearantly not as that will stop your icon from working. Maybe you can find another plugin who provides what you need.
  6. Could this be of some help?
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  7. Make sure you put it in the right server if your using a bungee setup.