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  1. Hello everyone!

    These past 2 weeks I've been playing Minecraft much more that I usally have been, I've been on a "Minecraft break" for almost 3 months now due to lack of interest but now I really enjoy playing Minecraft again and I'm thinking of making my own server but unfortunately I don't seem to have any ideas on what the server should be about... Therefore I'm here asking for your help to give me some good ideas on what the server should be all about!

    Here is some of my own ideas:
    - Custom "Defend the button" minigame
    - KitPvP server
    - Build server

    NOTE: Please do not tell me to make a Factions server due I'm not really into Factions and there are so many Factions servers out there already. Be creative!

    EDIT: Also I would like to add that you are free to comment a server name that should be used if I would make this server!
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  2. I've never heard the: "Defend the button" and "Build server" mini game and KitPVP isn't exactly unique.

    I can't think any unique idea for a minecaft server except replicating a game, but it's a lot of work.
  3. Defend the button is a game that I've been thinking of and no other server has it, a build server is just a server where you can build on your own plot.
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  4. Strahan


    Defend the button sounds like it'd be interesting. However as you are from Sweden, I assume English is not your first language so you may not be aware but the proper wording would be Defend the button. Defence is an incorrect spelling of defense, which is a noun not a verb. The defense of an object is established when things are set to defend them.
  5. Oh, yeah you're right! Sorry haha!
    I've been working on a document on how the game should be played and much more and I think it's a cool idea.
  6. When you're making a server you want to look at several things:
    - Replayability/longevity
    You want players to play on your server, but you also want them to play on it for a long time. Making a gamemode that is very replayable without getting boring too fast helps a lot with this, or a survival server that regularly gets new exciting content to play around with. Some people really enjoy playing the same minigames for a long time, and that's fine, but if you're like me you get bored quickly of minigames. As a server that aims to become popular you want to appeal to as many people as possible, to the builders, survivalers, and pvpers, etc.

    - Friendly welcoming community
    People like to play on servers where they feel welcome and comfortable, obviously. This means that you encourage friendly behaviour and get rid of those trying to disturb it. This also means that staff are absolutely not allowed to abuse their powers one bit, and to make the rules strict but not controlling. Building your server to be user friendly is also important. For example it's really overwhelming when you join a server and the server just bombards you with all the plugins and custom content it has and how to use every single one of them. Get people to know your server gradually, but have a good first impression that makes people want to stay.

    - Give people confidence in your server
    Playing on a server that is knowingly doing poorly, such as an increasingly inactive playerbase, inactive staff, and little communication between you and the player makes it demotivating to play on a server that you know might not be around for very long. If you're a survival builder for example you wouldn't want to put your time and work into a grand project only to have it all disappear in a week.

    As for content I'd recommend, here is my take on a few things:
    - KitPvP is a pretty good idea because it's replayable, easily expandable and balanced, and you can do plenty of random events within it to make things exciting every time. It's also a good idea to give players some sense of accomplishment such as electing a monthly PvP champion or creating custom wacky achievements.
    - Defend the button sounds a lot like capture the flag with less steps in all honesty, not sure if that's a good idea but it's worth giving it a shot.
    - A build server is always welcome, but it's even better if you have a survival server to pair it up with since people often times like to prototype builds in creative before building it on survival.

    - As far as I'm aware, there are little to no "moba" like gamemode servers yet. You could probably rework kitPvP with a more complicated map and add objectives to accomplish a simple moba like gamemode, I reckon that could be a refreshing take on PvP. It's extremely replayable and you can always change, add, and balance things to keep things dynamic.
    - Dungeon crawler type gamemodes have often times been a favorite of mine, but it's a lot of work to put one together. They're really replayable depending on execution but a proper dungeon crawler can keep players busy for weeks
    - Raid bosses are also great fun, mob arenas too. They're replayable but obviously don't always last very long. Still good for a couple weeks of entertainment though and you can integrate them with gamemodes such as survival or the dungeon crawler.
    - Well executed parkour maps can also be a lot of fun, a server I used to work on had this "gauntlet" type of gamemode where a player would have to complete 30 difficult tasks ranging from parkour to maze crawling to minibosses etc. and they'd get a unique reward on completion.

    I most likely missed a couple things but these are the things i thought of off the top of my head
    I wish you good luck!
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  7. there are lots of servers with "custom" gamemodes. I'd love to see more old school servers where its more community based, players would know each others and chat pretty frequently. It's really hard to find any servers that provide a mature and friendly community with less of those "custom" stuff with massive playerbase. The ones that do exist unfortunately doesn't last very long.
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  8. Not really an entire concept to base your server off but I've never seen a "would you rather" mini game. You could try that out or even if it's just a small feature for chat.
  9. I hope that administrators can better observe player dynamics and do not ban ordinary players.
  10. You’re correct in that it should be “Defend the Button,” not “Defence the Button,” but it’s not correct to say that “defence” is an incorrect spelling of “defense”; both are valid spellings. “Defense” is used in American English, whilst “defence” is used in British English (read more).
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    True, I have a tendency to forget the different ways the English spell things, like color/colour heh.
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  12. What about Skyblock?
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  13. That’s not very unique on its own.
  14. I am willing to try do this but I’m too impatient at building a community and lack the time to run it. :(
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