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  1. So, earlier today my server crashed and after it came up none of our plugins were loaded. They showed up on /pl but were all red. I decided to reboot the host machine and server, and when it came up all our plugins loaded, but we started getting MASSIVE lag spikes. (A server that normally hovers around 20 tps was at around 6 with constant lag spikes, with a fraction of the amount of normal players.) Could anyone help me out?

    Also, every single UUID of every player that has joined the server ever is spammed in the console on every reboot. There's no prefix to these messages so I can't tell which plugin (if any) it is.
  2. Could you maybe get some timings and post them here? Maybe also the startup log could be useful.
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    Crash log, Startup log, Timings report (for source of lag).
  4. Plugin List:

    I rebooted the machine again, and the lag has stopped it seems. That leaves the one problem of spamming UUIDS every time the server starts. However, I think this may be an issue with PaperSpigot itself, testing right now.
  5. Would you like me to look into this for you. just stop and start the server then get the console log and post it so i can check :)
  6. I already posted a console log up earlier in the thread.
  7. i don't want to download anything just upload the log to pastebin.
  8. I can't upload the log to pastebin because it's 50mb.
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    The log file is ~46MB... wonder if he posted his entire log...

    @TheKneeOfSnap Can you post just the crash report to Also, if you're using Paper and not Spigot this isn't the best place to ask. You could try their IRC channel on Spigot's IRC network or their forums.
  10. Exactly XD i don't want to download nonsense that isn't of any use. Just go into console restart the server copy and paste what you get into pastebin then link us. honestly not rocket science.
  11. Is it works normal without any plugins?
  12. This is just the startup log. Nothing else. My problem is that it spams EVERY SINGLE PLAYER UUID on startup. Of course the server log will be huge.
  13. You don't need to include all the UUID's :/ just get the start of it and the end that's all we are asking. if you want help with this listen :/
  14. The UUID spam is a known issue of the Autorank version you are using. Please try updating to the latest Autorank update that was released today and see if it continues, or downgrade to the previous version which also works fine.

    Autorank versions:
    (v3.7.4 causes the spam)
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  15. Thank you!