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Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by Simonsigge, Sep 23, 2013.

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  1. Hey!
    I have a pretty big server with currently 165 slots. It's often full.
    The problem is: Admins, Mods and Donators cant even join when the server is full. I would like to know if it's possible to give them some kind of permission node like:
    - Bungee.JoinFullServer

    That would ignore the max-players set in the Bungee config for them.

    - Simon

    (If anyone is going to say: FIX MORE SLOTS, we're on our way :p)
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  2. You can allow groups to connect to full servers using the "essentials.joinfullserver" permission node
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  3. Eww, Essentials. >.< Don't like it.
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  4. :p Its a good core of commands, personally I don't like operating servers without it :3
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  5. Yeah, it is actually well written code, but I always prefer self-made stuff.
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  6. I've already installed essentials and OPs cant join. The problem is that it's Bungee that sets the limit if I'm right, the hub server does nothing?
  7. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Bungee has no limit by default.
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  8. I know, but I've set the limit to 175. And when it gets full I want admins/mods/donators to be able to join the full Bungee server. How is this possible?

    I can't remove the limit because my server can't handle more players.
  9. CCT


    It would be nice to see a bungee.joinfullserver permission node, as some of us do set a maximum player count for BungeeCord. My BungeeCord instances don't even let me in if they're full, and I'm an admin in the config.
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  10. Then remove the "limit" from Bungee and ask an coder to code you an extra slots plugin :D
  11. That will only work for a specified server like the PvP server. The limit 175 players is for ALL servers. :(

    I would really want a Bungee plugin that makes a perm node that you can enter in PEX/Group Manager etc to join when the server is full. ;)
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