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  1. Hello, I am hosting a free spigot 1.12.1 server for me and a couple friends. I port-forward successfully as I always have but randomly people are not able to join. I typed my Default Gateway into a browser and used my IPv4 Adress to port-forward, while using 25565 as the ports. Then I am using my IPv4 Adress as my ip to join my server..

    Any Help is Appreciated!!!! :D
  2. Are you hosting the server on your pc?
    If so, you need to forward the port 25565 to the (static) ip of your pc.

    If this doesn't work, please share your routers and pcs configuration.
  3. As I said above, I am using 25566 to port forward. Yes it's on my computer. What pc configuration would you need to know?
  4. On the router, under port forwarding, the incoming port and internal port can both be set to 25565 (make sure you made no typo) and the internal ip to connect to on the forward is the 192.168.*whatever* of the system that runs minecraft.
    And that system of course must have a proper firewall (configuration) that allows the mc traffic on that 25565 port.

    In your LAN it's easy to test the connection, because it's easier for a switching to route the traffic and get you on your own server. From the public, it really is a proper port forward. A trick to test it is to install minechat on your phone and connect with 4g .. that way it's not connected to your LAN, has to come in from your WAN, and it comes from a different network.

    If you can connect with minechat - but others can't.. the issue really is on their end.
  5. Why are you using both ports 25565 and 25566 for a single server?
  6. Using minechat and says Can't reach server. I used 25565 on my ports and 192.168.**.** as the address..
  7. Look man, I dont mean to be that guy, but this is a Spigot Plugin Development forum, not a server setup tutorial. There are plenty of tutorials and videos online that teach you how to do that. You need to configure your Firwall's Trafic. Inbound and Outbound rules.
  8. In minechat you have to obviously use your public IP.

    The internal IP i am talking about in the port forward is to tell the router

    when *anybody* from the Internet connects to our network's public port 25565,
    then forward it internally to port 25565, on computer we internally know as (or whatever ip it is)

    Code (Text):

    (( Internet )) -----> [[ Local Network ]]
                                [modem] * dhcp/public_ip,
                                   |         internal_ip
                                [router] * basically a switch /
                                   |- workstation * /
                                   |- mediaserver * /
                                   |- backupserver* /
                                   |- ipad * /
                                   |- iphone * /
                                   '- gameserver * /
                                         |- web : 80
                                         |- irc : 6667
                                         |- minecraft1 : 25565
                                         `- minecraft2 : 35565

    port forward

    *someone* <---> public_ip : * <---> internal_ip : *

    player <---> <--->

    You have to route incoming traffic on your public ip's port 255565 to the game server's internal ip on it's port.

  9. ok i understand what your saying, so how do i find the ip that players use to connect to my server?
  10. That would be your external ip: if you are running it on your computer

    Also, if I were you, only give it out to your friends. Last thing you want is to get booted offline by terrible people.
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  11. If you open google and type: what is my ip
    and press enter, it will actually tell you in a little box
    if not, surely the first few links there will lead to sites showing it.
  12. Ok, but that ip constantly changes and random ones don't work.. why?
  13. i have my server open, and im using my ip of what is shown when i look up whats my ip... but i cannot join neither can anybody else
  14. The IP changes because your ISP changes it.. you're on a DHCP.
    Most ISP do this, hence why people prefer to host on dynamic DNS services, or get a VPS.

    My ISP for example only releases the IP if there are network issues and they need to reroute us, or if the modem doesn't have power for 30+ seconds. But even then, we can not use DHCP and gamble that we query the network to give the ip back again, which if we're fast enough we get. Most US isp's aren't so friendly towards this and change per session, etc. I haven't changed my IP for 3 years until a few weeks ago when we moved to newer docsis3.0 hardware.

    Anyway, you can solve the problem by having a dynamic DNS host.. like

    someName.dyndns.whatever . (you'd have to google for a service you like)
    You can probably even on some routers set up their service, but otherwise it runs on your computer. If the IP of your system changes, they inform the dynamic dns service, who updates the zone record for your host.. so when your friends connect to the host it gets the right ip (95% of the time), even if it changes.

    But again, I consider this a poor patch to an obvious problem that's easy solved by getting a dedicated service remotely or host your mc server on a VPS.
  15. Make sure you are forwarding the ports of the right machine. Local ip addresses (192.168.1.*) change all the time. If you're using the right public ip address, and it's still not working, You might be forwarding the wrong local ip address. You can check your local ip address by running ifconfig in the terminal (ipconfig in cmd for windows), and looking for something that looks like 192.168.1.*** (but not
  16. True, i am used to setting this locked down in my router. Most routers support this.

    There can be access control where you can identify a machine on the network. There might be a way to say 'i want to call this device my gameserver' and then set it to that internal ip. If the machine reboots and the router restarts, once the gameserver connects to the router it gets that internal ip assigned again.
  17. I'm too lazy to recheck the replies in here (I might be reciting), but chances are your ISP (internet provider, basically) has blocked the ports on their router, so regardless whether you open or close a specific port, it still can't transfer any traffic because being locked on the main router. You'd have to contact your provider asking whether they close specific ports and if they don't, it's an issue on your end - if they do, it's not your fault, but you can't do anything really, unless they agree on opening the ports for you - might cost an extra buck. I once had a ISP I knew, was living not too far away from me and this was the case. He opened the ports I needed (edit: in his antenna settings I had no control over) - the point of me saying this is that you should ask them too. If you don't know, ask your parents and they should and even if you're too shy to talk with them yourself, ask your parents once again. You know, the things you need to do for Minecraft? ;)
  18. I have a router and an extender, I am always connected to my extender while using my computer (around when my servers stopped working)... Maybe I have to port forward from the extender and not my router anymore? I dont really understand alot of this but maybe this gives a lead to how i can fix this..?
  19. A lot of this i did not understand.. but if your saying to use this website,, with my ip to give a domain server name.. I do not know how to use this website.. And correct me if i misinterpreted
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    It's not letting you join? WHAT?

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