server keeps crashing please help :(

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by CurtCo, May 22, 2016.

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  2. Please help :(
  3. Have you considered that the server might be running out of memory? (RAM)
  4. I have deleted few plugins, That didn't help.
  5. Mikgreg


    This stacktrace is unreadable, please post it on so we can see it properly formatted

    We cant even see the error right why throw that out straight away?
  6. Alright sorry xD
  7. Mikgreg


    Try removing the "ServerSigns" plugin, if that doesn't fix it I believe it may be a corrupted chunk, and you will need to use the chunk fixer to repair it.
  8. Doing it right now.
  9. I removed server signs and used Chunkfixer. Whenever i join my server its void do you know how to fix that :/
  10. I think your world files are broken... you may have to reset the world :/
  11. It;s fixed. I deleted my world and everything fixed. THanks for the help.
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  12. Yep thanks!