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  1. I really need help. My server is starting and then crashing constantly. Its the Error While ticking a block- minecraft:frosted_ice (age=3). there is water around my spawn, and when you walk near it, the water turns to ice and the server crashes. I need help. Here the crash report
  2. 1. Do you use regions with world guard, yes? what regions?
    2. Try to downgrade your server to 1.8 and test it with the same plugins.
  3. Do you have any plugins that might make the water turn into ice? If you need anymore help contact me.
  4. Are you using a protocol hack? If you are, don't. Also, this error seems to say you are using 1.9 but frosted ice seems to be on the server. Open the world in 1.10 SP and try to remove all frosted ice.
  5. I agree with @smartin1018 there is a hack called Jesus that allows people to walk on water so that leads me to the conclusion that there could be a hack just like your problem.