Server keeps crashing.

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by EthanMM, Jul 13, 2018.

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  1. Hi, my server is continuously crashing, and I haven't added any new plugins. It just randomly occurred. I've already finished most of the server's features so I would prefer it if I did not need to restart completely. My plugins are: ASkyBlock, AdvancedBan, AdvancedPortals, BetterNick, BuildBattle, Citizens, CitizensCMD, FastAsyncWorldEdit, FurnitureLib, GiantCaves, GriefPrevention, Hats, SimpleHub, LaggRemover, LeakyFloor, MultiInv, Multiverse-Core, NickNamer, NoCheatPlus, Paintball, PlayerParticles, PlayerReport, PlotSquared, PlotsMenu, PluginMetrics, PowerRanks, ProtocolLib, Hub, Skywars, Spawntp, SpigotPing, TNTRun, Tekkit, Titlebar, TopTenHeads, TuxTwoLib, Updater, VanishNoPacket, ViaRewind, ViaVersion, VillageDefense, VoidGenerator, VoidSpawn, VoxelSniper, WorldEdit, bStats, and dynmap.
    Here's what showed up in the console:
    I believe it is an error from a certain plugin, but I am unsure of which one.
  2. How much RAM does your server have? It can be due to RAM saturation.
    Could you show me log of the console ?, not the logs folder.
    Thank you.
  3. My server has 3072 MB of RAM and it displays it as being 25% used.
    I directly copied the log from the console as well.
  4. And from the logs folder?, do not you find any errors caused by your plugins?
  5. From the logs folder, I find an error caused by dynmap, but the other errors don't seem to identify with a plugin I have.
    Is that causing the rest of the problems?

  6. One never knows. try removing the plugin not the folder and start the server again.
    Have me know what happens next. regards
  7. I managed to boot the server again without it crashing. I noticed that Multiverse and MultiInv were causing issues as well so I reinstalled those. Thank you for the help! :D
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