Solved Server keeps crashing

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by PantMan, Jun 13, 2019 at 2:01 AM.

  1. Just a general glance at your PasteBin file. You have multiple plugins that are out of date. Try updating your out of date plugins first then try starting the server.
  2. already did a few of them. In fact, before updating some plugins, it was working perfectly. now after updating some of the plugins, server keeps crashing. does the logs show which plugin is causing it to crash?
  3. Yes the logs show. Read the logs & you can see what plugins are causing the most problems.
  4. i did but i still cant figure out what exactly is causing the problem and therefore i do need help.

    here's the crash report of the server. can someone please help me and show me what it could be?
  5. this issue is now fixed. i tried removing a plugin and it worked

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