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  1. Hey, I have hosted a server using the twitch rogue like adventures and dungeons mod pack and it crashes constantly during the day, probably due to some sapling trying to grow? I've tested growing saplings with a watering can and nothing happens then, I have no clue how to fix this...
    I have also tried removing all nearby saplings but I don't know if i've missed any and saplings seem to keep replanting themselves too.
    I would like some help please ;-;

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  2. Heyo,

    Im very sorry, but its not quite so likely you'll be able to find modpack crash support here.
    These forums are very much for Spigot servers and generally most people here are not working/solving modded servers.

    All I will say, is that something regarding the growing or planting of Saplings isnt working correctly, or is broken in someway. I recommend removing that mod or whatever one is doing this, and seeing if the issue comes up again.
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  3. As suggested above, this is

    The server for which you are making the enquiry for has no direct connection to this forum.

    You should look elsewhere for support with your problem.